Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides have ended for the season.

Thank you for all the run rides.

See you next season. 


"Let it snow, Let it snow" can be heard throughout our home as we enter the winter season.

I love to give sleigh rides on our 115 acre farm. The sleighs are: a very special antique Canadian sleigh for a private ride for two, the antique Minnesota country sleigh and our large bobsled all ready for your winter fun.

Come for the 40 minute ride and stay for the hot chocolate and cookies while enjoying the small carriage collection in our warmed barn.

Rides are only taken when the weather is right and the snow will hold a sleigh.

Rides go out day and evenings. 

Ride fees: 6th grade through adult-$per rider, kindergarten thru 5th $ and lap sitters no fee

The special antique cutter you see below books at a private ride fee of $ for two riders.

Our largest sleigh carries 12 passengers with a minimum booking of 6 riders.

 Great snow!

Horse drawn services

            featuring stately dapple grey and white Percheron draft horses

             escorting anitque and modern carriages, sleighs and wagons.